AMG GT 63 4-door

AMG GT 63 4-doorPRODUCT OVERVIEW Exclusive Mansory body and accessory program for the facelifted Mercedes AMG GT 63 4-door Being different from others has never been easier. Stylish design, technical sophistication and a sense for detail enhance the AMG GT 63 4-door with its own individual style. When it comes to the sports characteristics, rest […]

911 Turbo S

911 Turbo SPRODUCT OVERVIEW MANSORY presents its refinement program for the Porsche 911 Turbo S A truly unique beast is now within your reach. MANSORY offers a refinement programme, which will put your Porsche 911 Turbo S on the pedestal for outperforming all the other luxury sports cars. Starting with perfectly-fitting aerodynamic carbon fibre components […]

812 Softkit

812 SoftkitMansory Softkit version based on Ferrari 812 SuperfastPRODUCT OVERVIEW Other variants SIRACUSA 4XX SIRACUSA 4XX SPIDER FERRARI 488 SOFT KIT Special carbon fibre programme for Ferrari 812 Superfast, indivdualization with high-end material Gallery Compatible Wheels YN.5 Contact a dealer SEND

J.S.1 Edition

AventadorPRODUCT OVERVIEW J.S.1 EditionMANSORY builds one-off-super-sports car on behalf of James Stunt When it comes to the hyper-elegant one-of-a-kind MANSORY J.S.1 Edition based on Lamborghini Aventador 750-4 Superveloce, it’s not just about the look. It’s really about the feeling. About a dream come true. The J.S.1 Edition is designed just as the London art dealer […]

Aventador S

AventadorPRODUCT OVERVIEW MANSORY customizesthe the Lamborghini Aventador S The race-ready MANSORY carbon aerodynamics programme turned this furious bull into one of the most elegant and fastest super sports on the road. A ferocious driving style is the only thing that can tame the Lamborghini Aventador S. It is in your hands. The MANSORY interior programme […]


AventadorPRODUCT OVERVIEW Other variants MANSORY customizes the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 A furious bull in red – this combination will provoke a reaction in all sports car enthusiasts. In combination with the new front lip engine performance upgrades, MANSORY not only achieves an aggressive look, but also a faster and more dynamic ride. The MANSORY interior […]

Bentayga – Soft Kit

Bentayga – Soft KitPRODUCT OVERVIEW Other variants MANSORY has refinedthe Bentley Bentayga to create the ultimate Luxury SUV Elegance which can also handle more challenging terrain – that’s the British Bentley Bentayga in the special MANSORY tuning programme. Even a luxury car deserves to get dirty from time to time, when the nature calls. The […]

Aventador Competition

Aventador CompetitionPRODUCT OVERVIEW Other variants We started working on yet another untamable beast in a quest to find out just how far can we push the driving experience with this Italian supersport. With its characteristics, MANSORY COMPETITION goes beyond all limits. Where are your limits? The MANSORY interior programme To push the driving experience to […]

Stallone 812

Stallone 812PRODUCT OVERVIEW Other variants SIRACUSA 4XX SIRACUSA 4XX SPIDER FERRARI 488 SOFT KIT MANSORY StalloneSpectacular carbon chariot based on Ferrari 812 Superfast A stellar car with a strong name – meet MANSORY Stallone, based on Ferrari 812 Superfast. The third generation of a fully refined Ferrari gran turismo is defined by lightweight bodywork components […]

Ferrari 488 soft kit

Ferrari 488 soft kitPRODUCT OVERVIEW Other variants SIRACUSA 4XX SIRACUSA 4XX SPIDER FERRARI 488 SOFT KIT Compatible Wheels FS.10 C V.10 Contact a dealer SEND