970 Panamera

970 PanameraContact dealer Other variants The MANSORY customization programmefor the PORSCHE 970 Panamera Dynamic, powerful, extraordinary. The vocabulary used to describe driving the Porsche 970 Panamera will boost your adrenaline levels. With this car, MANSORY took great care to unleash even more fury and power. There can never be enough cars that will truly win […]

970 Panamera facelift

970 Panamera faceliftContact dealer Other variants The MANSORY customization programme for the new Porsche Panamera (2014) A limousine that summons the powerful spirit with athletic curves and excellent track performance – that is the Porsche Panamera. MANSORY uses ultralight and high-strength carbon material to achieve refined aerodynamics packaged in a new spectacular design. The MANSORY […]

Panamera Sport Turismo

Panamera Sport TurismoContact dealer Other variants MANSORY presents its refinement programmefor the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo The sports spirit of Porsche Panamera is so apparent in this car that we just could not resist and put to work our best know-how to bolster its power and ferociousness even more – just like letting the genie […]


971 PanameraContact dealer Other variants MANSORY presents its extensive range of customization options for the current Porsche Panamera 971 A truly unique beast is now within your reach. MANSORY offers a refinement programme, which will put your Porsche Panamera 971 on the pedestal for outperforming all the other luxury sports cars. Starting with perfectly-fitting aerodynamic […]